Wolves 77 Club: The strength of the wolf is in the pack

As we reach the halfway point of the season, Daniel Bayliss from Wolves 77 Club assesses the campaign so far while looking at what the future may bring.

Daniel Bayliss

Any football fan who looks ahead to Christmas will instantly think of the fixture congestion along with mince pies and turkey sandwiches, and that’s certainly no different for Wolves supporters right now.

Thursday to Sunday has become a reoccurring theme with trips across multiple countries and even a couple of different continents.

Wolves’ ability to come through the travel and the timings have been questioned by pundits across the TV channels but we have stood strong and taken the rough with the smooth.

It hasn’t all been perfect though, with some sloppy performances and more draws than we now care to mention, but none of this has been detrimental to the current league position and cup progress.

Although we bowed out of the League Cup, losing to local rivals Villa, that was done using a team so young most are currently writing their letters to Santa.

It’s now a case of prioritising and it’s clear that Nuno is very much focused on the Europa League, the team selection has stayed consistently strong and the results have shown.

We have progressed to the last 32 with a game to spare and I for one cannot wait for the draw to see where our next European adventure is….. possibly some more Grand Torino style escapades on the way!

Many clubs see the Europa league as a burden but after where we have been for the past few years it’s very much a privilege.



Although the number of games have stacked up, I believe we have ridden the storm and are now looking to cement our position in that race to win the best of the rest in the Premier League.

If we can do that whilst getting in a couple more trips onto the continent then the vast majority of Wolves fans will be very happy indeed.

Wolves also have the pleasure of welcoming lower Premier League opposition to Molineux for the 3rd round of the FA Cup in Manchester United – the side we knocked out in the quarter-finals last season.

The real question to ask is how we go about it and what the future holds for Wolves though; would the fans be satisfied with an 8th-10th place finish and exiting Europe before the last 16?

I personally feel that quality of outcome will define the season.

If the aforementioned happens then I will feel content, should we do so with the fight and guile that I have come to expect – strong at the back, pace in attack, with an undying drive to never give in.

Whatever comes out of the next few months all that I know is that we’re going to see a lot of football and hopefully the quality that Wolves have shown in part so far.

The team are now used to the process of playing in Europe, there may be more games than before but you have to remember; the strength of the pack is the wolf, and the strength of the wolf is in the pack.


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