Liverpool v Chelsea: Reds can’t ignore story of the Blues

David Johnstone sets a few records straight ahead of Chelsea's trip to Anfield to face the newly crowned Champions.

David Johnstone

Chelsea’s visit to Anfield will see Frank Lampard lead his players into their game against a Liverpool side that have been crowned Champions for the first time since The Blues’ manager became a professional footballer.

There has never really any love lost between the two sides although their rivalry intensified in 2005 when Chelsea won their second Championship thanks to a combination of jealousy on the part of the Liverpool fans and the takeover of the London club by Mr Abramovich.

There seems to be a serious lack of basic education and an inability to know the meaning of some of the simplest words in the English language amongst a massive swathe of Liverpool fans.

Whilst they sing about Chelsea having “no history”, they fail to realise that, in fact, the Stamford Bridge side HAS had a history since 1905.

Chelsea Fans

‘History’ is just a word that means ‘a record of everything that has happened in the past’. What they mean is, Liverpool have won more trophies than Chelsea.

Along with that, they also label Chelsea as ‘plastic’ because of the flags that are often distributed by the club at some games at Stamford Bridge whilst ignoring the many pictures of Liverpool fans using flags made of the same material to wave at their games.

Mr Abramovich also comes in for abuse because of the money he has put into Chelsea whilst Liverpool fans conveniently forget that it was the money that the Moores family made from Littlewoods Pools empire in the 1960s that enabled Liverpool to purchase record signings in the 1970s and 1980s.

Meanwhile, looking at the record books, here are a couple of facts that will hopefully upset any Liverpool fan who happens to read this article.

Chelsea won their first European trophy before Liverpool won theirs and also remain unbeaten in cup finals played against them.

Chelsea v Tottenham Hotspur - Wembley Stadium

One of the best matches at Anfield that I attended in recent years was the 2-0 defeat that Chelsea inflicted upon them in 2014. That was the game in which Gerrard slipped allowing Demba Ba to score the first.

Then, Fernando Torres – who had to leave Liverpool to join Chelsea in order to win honours with an English side – didn’t want to break the locals’ hearts so passed the ball to Willian who scored the second.

Chelsea will arrive in Liverpool having reached this season’s FA Cup Final and hoping to take three points back to London in order to bolster their chances of playing in next season’s Champions League hopes.

Should they win or get a draw, it will be considered a good result but, should they lose, it will have been at the hands of the team who won the league – no shame in that…

Win or lose, Up Frank Lampard’s Blues!

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David JohnstoneLondoner David Johnstone is a home, away and European away Chelsea supporter and has missed just six matches since 2001 (although he’s quick to state there are plenty of other supporters with better attendance records than him).

He has been involved with the fanzine scene at Chelsea since around 1991 and started the ‘cfcuk’ fanzine in 1999 which was, until Mr Abramovich bought the club in 2003, named ‘Matthew Harding’s Blue And White Army’.

David was also responsible for forming both the Chelsea Supporters’ Group and the Chelsea Supporters’ Trust which are the main two bodies that represent the followers of Chelsea FC and take their concerns to those running the club.

A founder of the highly regarded Chelsea FanCast weekly podcast (but is no longer involved) and responsible for the crowd surfing banners and supporter displays that are seen in the Matthew Harding Stand at Stamford Bridge on matchdays.

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