Italia ’90 Quiz: The tournament that transformed football forever

Gazza's tears, Nessun Dorma and World in Motion, the tournament had a huge impact on football 30 years ago.

Matthew Crist

It’s 30 years since Italy ’90, the World Cup, the tournament credited with capturing the imagination of a nation, but also completely changing the way we view the game as a whole.

Boasting fewer goals than in any other previous tournament, plenty of sides prepared to adopt negative tactics, not to mention some questionable sportsmanship, it’s a wonder that Italia ’90 is remembered as fondly as it is today.

But during one of the darkest periods for English football the World Cup of 1990 provided a beacon of light which illuminated a pretty bleak landscape, while paving the way for a number of huge changes which were about to follow.

So how much do you recall of that iconic summer and the tournament that will always be remembered for Gazza’s tears, Nessun Dorma and World in Motion?

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