Ipswich Fanzone: ‘We’re on our way, we’re on our way!’

The Tractor Boys have made fantastic start to the League One season, as Ipswich Fanzone revel in the run that has powered them to the top of the league.

Ipswich Fanzone

Top of League One, Unbeaten in 11, four points clear with a game in hand. The League One Tour is in full flow.

So, where was I …… Oh yes, four games unbeaten that’s where we left off and since then its been plain sailing!

Six wins and one draw since beating AFC Wimbledon at Portman Road in the middle of August, and now we sit here at the start of October as the top dogs, the ones to beat.

A rather ominous position to be in, when you think about it, staring down the table not knowing who poses a threat to your almost immaculate record.

I would be very arrogant to suggest that the rest of the season will be a walk in the park, however it is not impossible given the squad and the depth that Ipswich Town possess.

Nonetheless, we take each game as it comes, and no opponent is taken lightly.

It’s an old cliché to suggest that after 10 games you can really see where you’ll end up at the end of the season, and whilst that can ring true in many senses – it doesn’t define you as a team, it can take one moment of complacency to bring you right back down to reality and that’s where individuals start to make the real difference.

The emergence of key individuals such as James Wilson, Luke Garbutt and Kane Vincent-Young, have helped Ipswich get over the line of late, which keeps us well in the chase for the League One title.

Wilson has eight league starts which have resulted in eight league wins! A no-nonsense defender and to think he couldn’t get in Lincolns starting XI! A real shame for them.

Garbutt is the left footed Beckham, sweetest free kick in the lower leagues, in the last two games three goals have come specifically from this man.

He terrorises a Goalkeeper’s ability to understand the laws of gravity, a topic that Garbutt seems to defy week in and week out with his dead ball ability.

The Premier League is the only place Vincent-Young is going, lets see some odds on that one!

The above mixed with the valuable experience of Chambers and Skuse, enhanced by the youth of Downes and Woolfenden and the tenacity of Jackson and Norwood, Paul Lambert is proving to be quite the alchemist, turning this side into trophy winners.

It may be early doors to suggest this, but we have a lot to thank Paul Lambert for, a man I have been fortunate enough to meet many times; he has resurrected the club behind closed doors, brought the fans closer together, instigated structure that we lacked, and got us working on the pitch.

Results aside for these simple but affective reasons he will be held high in my regard going forward.


There are many reasons I could sit here and suggest that Ipswich could go on to storm League One, but the most important is that, we were prepared!

We were ready for the challenge, we were realistic when we needed to be last season, we kept hold of a decent manager and some really good players that to be honest shouldn’t be playing League One football – however this is their level now and the challenge is to rise again; that, I have no doubt about.

So where’s our challenge? We have been tested but not outclassed, the real test in itself will be to bounce back from defeat and show the rest of the league that we are the top dog.

I say this week in and week out, we aren’t out of second gear yet, I’d hate to be on the receiving end of an Ipswich Town team in third or fourth.

All I can say is that all signs are pointing to the same location, We’re on our way!


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