How to steer your team to Fantasy Divisions success

Fantasy Divisions is our brand new season-long contest in which teams are promoted and relegated between divisions every four gameweeks. But what does it take to win?

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The rules of Fantasy Divisions

We’ll start with the basics. If you’re going to win Fantasy Divisions, you’ll need to understand the rules. Fortunately, they’re really simple.

Picking your Fantasy Divisions team

Just like building a real football squad, building your Fantasy Divisions side is all about balancing the budget. We give you £100m to pick a team of 15 players. Two goalkeepers, five defenders, five midfielders and three forwards. If you’ve ever played the official FPL game, you’ll already be familiar with this system. 

Player pricing and scoring are identical to traditional FPL too, which means a great squad in the official game will translate perfectly to a Fantasy Divisions team. If an £11.0m Harry Kane bags a hattrick in Gameweek 1, he’ll be netting 17 points in both games.


What division will I start in?

That’s what qualifying is for. 

We’ve divided the season into 9 sections of 4 gameweeks (each section is called a “mini-season”, by the way). But the mathematically savvy amongst you will have already spotted that this method leaves us with two gameweeks to spare. Those are our qualifying weeks. 

Qualifying takes place in Gameweeks 1 and 2, so make sure you hit the ground running. After that, your points will be reset and you’ll be placed into one of four divisions based on your points total.


How does the promotion and relegation thing work?

Remember the mini-seasons? They’re the four-gameweek long chunks we’ve split the season into. Well, at the end of each one, the best teams will be promoted and – you guessed it – the worst teams will be relegated.

Your points will reset at the end of each mini-season. This ensures that everyone starts the next mini-season on a level playing field.

Naturally, we’re giving away some big cash prizes for the best managers at the end of each mini-season too. Even if you’re languishing in the bottom division, you’ll still be rewarded for master-minding a promotion-winning campaign. Speaking of rewards…


What can I win?

There’s £50,000 up for grabs throughout the 2019/20 season. The higher up the league system you climb, the bigger the prizes on offer. It’s as simple as that. Get promoted, get paid. 

Paul Robinson

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What can I lose?

There’s a £5.50 entry fee to play Fantasy Divisions. When you weigh up the prizes on offer, we reckon it’s a good deal. 

There’s also a small risk of losing some of your fantasy footballing dignity and pride. FansBet won’t be held responsible for such losses, though we may consider a post-season support group for relegated managers if there’s enough interest.

Prepare for dizzying highs and plummeting lows. This is season-long fantasy, but not as you’ve ever known it. 


The tactics and strategies you should know

The fundamental principle of fantasy football is to choose the players that will score you the most points. We hope you were sat down for that bombshell.

Whilst that principle applies as much to Fantasy Divisions as it does the official FPL game, the mini-season format does introduce some extra considerations.


Remember that your points reset

At the end of each mini-season (4 gameweeks), every Fantasy Divisions manager has their points reset to 0. 

As such, some might be inclined to take bigger risks in the gameweeks prior to the reset. For example, if there’s 1 gameweek left in the mini-season and FPLGeneral is 30 points from safety, he may decide it’s wiser to take a few points hits to prepare himself for life in the league below. 

Likewise, a manager assured of promotion might want to make a few marquee signings before his side hits the big leagues. 

We’ve slapped a 5-transfer cap on weekly transfers to prevent managers from overhauling their teams every mini-season, but there’s still plenty of opportunity for redevelopment if you’re already reconciled with promotion, relegation or a mid-table finish.

We’re out of chips

Fantasy Divisions has done away with chips. No triple captain, no bench boost, no free hit and absolutely no wildcards. 

That means you won’t be losing out on promotion because half the managers in your division have decided to activate their bench boosts. It also means that you’ll need a balanced side capable of returning consistent points if you’re going to reach your Fantasy Divisions potential. 


Static player prices

The players available for selection in Fantasy Divisions start off the season at exactly the same price as their FPL counterparts. Unlike the official game, however, our players won’t rise and fall in price once the season is underway.

How does this affect your team? Well, the notion of “team value” is irrelevant to Fantasy Divisions. As such, the pressure to make an early transfer due to price fluctuations is no more, which gives you more freedom to make considered, informed changes to your team. 

It also means that managers joining later in the season won’t be at a disadvantage. Everyone will start and finish the season with £100m in the bank.


How do I enter?

Now you’re asking the right questions. Head to the Fantasy Divisions lobby and start building your squad. It’s as simple as that. 

Remember, qualifiers start in Gameweek 1. Whether you’re more of a Pep or a Pulis, this isn’t a season you’ll want to miss.

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