Formula One: What does the future hold for Lewis Hamilton?

The six-time world champion has yet to sign a new contract at Mercedes for the 2021 F1 season

Callum Luke

As anticipated, Lewis Hamilton managed to pick up his 92nd Formula 1 victory in Portugal last weekend, not only breaking the all-time win record, but also recording the biggest winning margin he’s registered this year.

It was a truly remarkable performance by the British driver which edged him ever-so-closer to his sixth world championship title.

This was, however, quickly overshadowed by the rumours that Toto Wolff may be leaving the Mercedes team to join Aston Martin (currently Racing Point); where the illustrious four-time world champion Sebastian Vettel put pen to paper earlier this year.

Lance Stroll is all-but-confirmed for the other seat; it’s not likely Lawrence Stroll would oust his son, given that he’s the only member to have got a podium finish this year.

Toto Wolff has been integral to the great success Mercedes has had over the years, there’s no denying that and as team principal, has won five world championships with Lewis Hamilton and one with Nico Rosberg; that’s six consecutive world titles.

Lewis Hamilton

Rosberg claims that Wolff’s departure could have a ‘spiralling effect’, with many of the team maybe realising that the golden days could be over, which draws more attention to the status of Hamilton’s contract negotiations; if they’ve even begun.

Currently, it’s looking likely that Hamilton will stay at Mercedes. Wolff said this week “at the moment, there is no reason he wouldn’t want to be in the quickest car and we want him in the car so it’s a perfect match.”

So if a one-year deal is put on the table, it’s safe to say that Hamilton will take that, with Wolff likely to be the same.

Why wouldn’t you want to have one last season in the most elite Formula 1 car ever built, before being limited and squashed back into the pack? It’s a no brainer.

If Hamilton were to leave, teams would fight tooth and nail to get him to sign with them, so there most definitely wouldn’t be a lack of options to choose from.

RedBull looks like the team that would lead the race to get his signature, with Alex Albon currently clutching at straws to reclaim his seat, given his worst performance yet in Portugal last weekend.

Formula One

Let’s be honest, we’d all love to see Verstappen and Hamilton battle it out using the same car. However, knowing that Honda has decided to pull out as Red Bull’s power unit provider, might leave them stuck for options.

Even more so with their bitter end to dealings with Renault after a 12-year relationship in 2018 which was highly publicised on the popular Netflix series F1 ‘Drive to Survive’.

This only leaves Ferrari, Mercedes, and Renault to choose from; so much uncertainty leads you to think that Hamilton wouldn’t be willing to take the risk.

At this point, anything can happen from here, if RedBull doesn’t manage to secure a good deal for a new power unit, they’ll struggle to attract mid-tier drivers.

As things stand though, with arguably the most and best competition for F1 seats, things are still very much up in the air.

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