Fan Zone: ‘If Arsenal lose to Burnley and Spurs, there should be no reason to keep him.’

In the first episode of Fan Zone, Dee, Callum and Tom discuss a range of issues including whether Mikel Arteta should be given more time to be a success at Arsenal.

Matthew Crist

After a disappointing start to the season, it appears Arsenal fans might just be starting to lose patience with manager Mikel Arteta.

The Gunners got off to the worst possible start to the campaign with an opening day 2-0 defeat at newly promoted Brentford.

That was followed by losses at home to Chelsea and a 5-0 mauling at Manchester City.

A  1-0 win over Norwich last weekend delivered their first points of the season but, according to Tom from The Gooner Talk Tv – who joined our new Fan Zone Premier League show this week – the clock is already ticking for the Spaniard.

Mikel Arteta Arsenal

“Arsenal’s target has got to be top-six, they’ve got to get back into Europe,” he explained when asked whether Mikel Arteta should be given more time to be a success at Arsenal.

“Thinking about top-four at this point is a pipe dream, it’s the absolute end goal for Arsenal right now in the next half to full decade.

“When you consider how much of a gap there is between us to Chelsea, United and City, it’s incredibly big and to close that gap is going to take an incredible amount of investment and improved coaching and the development of our young players.

“To do that in a year and expect that from Arteta just isn’t realistic. You look at what’s happened this season and, let’s be real, the first three games were diabolical.

“We were really poor against Brentford, you can expect not to get points against Chelsea and City but the way in which we lost those games was worse than the fact that we lost them.

“When we scraped that 1-0 win against Norwich, it wasn’t exactly the turnaround we wanted to see in form but it was probably the most you can expect from an Arsenal side that are wounded.

“I expect a top-six challenge, but in regards of Mikel Arteta’s position at the club, I would have got rid of him after the Villarreal Europa League elimination to be honest.

“If you’re out of Europe and finish eighth two times in a row, what other club in the Premier League, if their expectations are at a particular level and finish back-to-back positions far below that, keeps the coach?

“If we lost against Burnley and lose against Spurs in the North London derby, there should be no reason to keep him on beyond that for me.”

Tom was joined on FansBet’s new weekly talk show by Dee from Back of the Nest and Callum from Kopish.

During a lively debate the trio discussed a range of subjects such as; whether Everton are better off with Rafa Benitez than Carlo Ancelotti, does Cristiano Ronaldo make Manchester United title contenders, if Liverpool have been overlooked in this season’s title race and which Premier League manager will be the first to lose his job.

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