F1 Fantasy 2022: Jeddah GP

Stephen is back for a second week to share his top F1 Fantasy tips ahead of the Jeddah GP in Saudi Arabia.

Stephen Clibbon

What a race to start Week One? Whatever team you picked, it wasn’t an easy race to score massive points unless you had gone all in on Charles Leclerc and Ferrari.

No matter how you did, there’s no need to panic and there are plenty of points still up for grabs over the season.

If you really feel that your team has underperformed and needs a major overhaul, you can play your Wildcard. This allows you to change everyone in your team while taking no points deductions, whereas normally you can make three free subs each week.

You will be given two Wildcard chips per season – one in the first half of the season and one in the second half. If you do not use your first Wildcard chip in the first half of the season, it is not carried forward to the second half.

We have also had our first price changes of the season which saw drops in value for both McLaren drivers, with both of them dropping by $0.3M.

Anyone who has chosen McLaren in their fantasy team will be in for a long season as they wait for them to sort out their issues.

I do not see their issues being fixed in the short term and I believe they will not be scoring big points on F1 Fantasy 2022 any time soon.

We also saw some price increases to both Ferraris drivers as well as them as a constructor pick, so if you have had some of these in your team for the first race, you will see the value of your team increase.

I believe they will continue to do well this week, but maybe just not to the level of pole and a 1-2 finish.

So which drivers could be worth looking at for the Jeddah GP this weekend?

For me I see Max Verstappen having a strong weekend, but I still think his value is very high.

It will be a late decision if I change my team around to include Max for this weekend or if I continue to cover all bases with several strong drivers.

I believe Alpha Tauri could also have a strong weekend with their engine power. And with Pierre Gasly having finished 6th last season and having qualified there also, I see him repeating that or going better this time out.

Ones to still avoid for me are Mercedes as we really do not know what we will see from them this weekend. Having taken a risk on having Russell in my team in Week One, I’ll be having to decide if I stick or twist with him and look to see if I can pick up points from elsewhere.

Also, as mentioned before, McLaren should be avoided as well as the Williams and Aston Martin drivers as they will struggle to gain you many points in these opening weeks.

Don’t forget each week you will have a turbo driver and this pick can make a huge difference to how your fantasy week turns out.

Those who picked Charles Leclerc will have noticed the difference this week. You will also have a mega driver that can be used over the first half of the season, but this is best to hold back until you believe a driver will trigger bonus streak points also.

Even if you didn’t join the FansBet F1 Fantasy league by using the code f085821697 in the join/create league section, let us know how you are getting on and if you have any top tips of your own.

After this weekend’s Saudi Arabia GP, we will have a week gap before heading down under to Australia.

The weeks leading up to this race could see a lot of teams making changes to their cars, so make sure you head back before race Week Three to see how this could be affecting your F1 fantasy team.

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