F1 Fantasy 2022: How does it work, league, tips and more…

With the return of Formula One this weekend in Bahrain, Stephen Clibbon breaks down everything you need to know about F1 Fantasy for the 2022 season...

Stephen Clibbon

It’s time to get your F1 Fantasy teams entered for the 2022 season! With the new regulations changes, there are some tougher questions than normal, but where are you going to spend your $100m budget?

So for those that will be new to F1 Fantasy in 2022, here is a quick breakdown of how it works and what is needed.

  • You will start with a $100m budget to spend on picking 5 drivers and one constructor to score you points each race weekend.
  • Drivers and Constructors, as with any fantasy game, will fluctuate in price depending on how they perform and this will then change the value of your team and your overall budget you have to work with.
  • You can make three free changes to your line up each week without cost, but any additional changes after this will come at a cost of 10 points taken from your total.

So how do your drivers earn you fantasy points?

  • Points will be awarded for both qualifying results, as well as end of race results.
  • They will get points based on their finishing positions in both and also if they finished ahead of their team mate.
  • During the race, points will be also won or lost for positions gained or lost as well as their final standing at the end of the race.
  • There are also bonus points that are handed to drivers and constructors for streaks they can put together race week after race week.
  • Each week you will be able to select a turbo driver from your 5 car line up, this driver will earn you double points like a captain would in fantasy football. You cannot choose a driver over $20m as your turbo driver.
  • Twice a season, once in the first half of the season and once in the second half, you will be able to select a Mega Driver. This driver will earn you triple points and there are no limits on who this can be placed on.

So the question is; who do you pick in your line up for the 2022 F1 fantasy team?

Well here are some tips based on how I see things going over the early races of the season.

With Ferrari looking so very strong and reliable in both testing outings so far it would make sense to have one of the Scuderia in your line up for the start of the season.

Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz are very closely priced, being set up at $18m and $17m respectively, so the choice here would have to come down to personal gut feeling as to who will start the stronger and it really could be 50/50.

The next question comes: do you want to use a large chunk of your budget bringing in one of the front runners?

With Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen having battled it out for last year’s title, having one of them in your team will use up to 30% of your budget.

Lewis is priced at $31m, while last year’s champion is $30.5m – these drivers would take up a massive part of your budget, but if you believe they will continue to dominate the top of the standings, then there will be a lot of points to be won with these drivers.

Whoever you go with in your driver line-up, you will be looking to find some value with one or two drivers to cover the costs of the higher priced drivers.

Some good value this season could be found in Kevin Magnussen, who is still valued at the same price as Nikita Mazepin was before he replaced him.

Haas look to have some pace judging by the Bahrain testing and with Magnussen having a point to prove, he was the right selection for the Haas seat. If everything falls into place, they could have a strong couple of opening races.

Other value could be seen with Yuki Tsunoda, who is valued at $5m less than his team mate Pierre Gasly.

You would expect Gasly to be the stronger of the two drivers over the season but Yuki should perform well in the Alpha Tauri after getting a points finish in Bahrain this race last season.

Once you have selected your five drivers and one constructor for the opening round of the season make sure you join our new FansBet blog league by using the code f085821697 in the join/create league section.

I’ll be back before each race to look into which drivers are worth keeping an eye on for upcoming races.

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