Damage is Done: Liverpool fans react to Super League response

Liverpool fans have reacted angrily despite their owner offering a grovelling apology for his actions on Wednesday morning.

Matthew Crist

Liverpool fans have been reacting after John Henry apologised for the club’s plans to join a new European Super League.

The club’s involvement in the new competition was met with anger and disapproval from fan groups, while many supporters expressed their outrage on social media.

The Reds confirmed late on Sunday night that it was planning to join the new breakaway competition aimed at rivaling the UEFA Champions League.

Arsenal, Chelsea, Manchester City, Manchester United, Tottenham, Atletico Madrid, Barcelona, Real Madrid, AC Milan, Inter Milan and Juventus were also involved in the plans.


However, following fierce backlash from supporters, fan groups and even some players, the Reds announced it had ended its planned involvement in the initiative.

Meanwhile, Liverpool’s principal owner, speaking for the first time since the news broke on Sunday, apologised to all those associated with the club.

“I want to apologise to all the fans and supporters of Liverpool Football Club for the disruption I caused over the past 48 hours,” Henry said in his apology video.

“It goes without saying but should be said that the project put forward was never going to stand without the support of the fans. No-one ever thought differently in England. Over these 48 hours you were very clear that it would not stand. We heard you. I heard you.

“And I want to apologise to Jürgen, to Billy, to the players and to everyone who works so hard at LFC to make our fans proud. They have absolutely no responsibility for this disruption. They were the most disrupted and unfairly so. This is what hurts most. They love your club and work to make you proud every single day.


“I know the entire LFC team has the expertise, leadership and passion necessary to rebuild trust and help us move forward. More than a decade ago when we signed up for the challenges associated with football, we dreamed of what you dreamed of. And we’ve worked hard to improve your club.

“Our work isn’t done. And I hope you’ll understand that even when we make mistakes, we’re trying to work in your club’s best interests. In this endeavour I’ve let you down.

Again, I’m sorry, and I alone am responsible for the unnecessary negativity brought forward over the past couple of days. It’s something I won’t forget. And shows the power the fans have today and will rightly continue to have.”

But some Liverpool fans have reacted angrily to the club’s actions despite the apparent U-turn and subsequent apology.

Klopp Liverpool

“I would say this is the final straw now between FSG and the fans, because it’s yet another PR disaster,” Jay Riley from Spion Kop told FansBet.

“No lessons are being learned by them after the previous problems over the years, like £77 priced tickets, trying to trademark the Liverbird and the name Liverpool, the Furlough scheme for club staff and now this.

“There’s been no consultation with fans whatsoever and once again they have to do an embarrassing U-turn.”

Meanwhile, Mick Deane from Hat Scarf or a Badge said: “I really think it’s going to be hard for the owners to get the support of the fans now.

“Yes, the apology was a start, but what happens next?”

Liverpool v Chelsea

A view shared by Anfield Press who told FansBet: “Honestly it’s a good job he made a statement this morning as the one that was released yesterday was utter shambles.

“But the damage is already done now, it won’t be forgotten what he’s done, the fans of LFC won’t forgive this moment, a sad day for LFC history”

John Pearman from Liverpool fanzine Red All Over The Land didn’t mince his words either, saying: “The damage has been done to the owners of football clubs and the trust fans have will diminish further, not that we had a lot of trust in the first place.

“However, all the clubs have, during the pandemic, lost huge sums of money and will be wanting to repair damage to the financial side of things, so I expect something else to happen.

“Sadly, when Sky [and later others] took control of such as the fixture list they didn’t care a hoot about match-going fans; they changed the face of the game.

Liverpool fans

“They don’t care about football supporters, only the ones who sit on a sofa. Clubs, such as Liverpool and Manchester United could earn more money if they controlled their own TV coverage and I honestly believe that’s where all this could be heading.

“The TV companies can’t talk of greed when they will be boasting the Championship play off is the richest game in football, however as fans of clubs such as Blackpool would tell you, it was almost the ruination of them and not the making.

“The President of Real Madrid has talked of those watching games on TV dropping in numbers, but that’s no surprise. In the UK We have wall-to-wall football, an overcrowded fixture list and TV companies not caring a bit about how it affects the English clubs chances in Europe – ask any manager.

“Clubs want to be masters of their own destiny and until that happens these breakaway ideas will continue to surface.”


“Football is for the community as much as it is for everybody else…”

Sir Kenny Dalglish, FansBet Ambassador

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