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Are Spurs Still A Cup Side?

All Eyes On Pochettino's Silver Allergy.

Harry Hotspur

I have an admission to make. Unlike many of you Superdry coat sporting,£1000 season ticket spending jet setters, I’m a bit of an anachronism. I’m old enough to remember when Spurs weren’t known for net spend and Cheese Rooms. We were known as a cup side.

Domestic cups have been significantly devalued over the years so we are told – except they haven’t.

That’s not the truth. As far as football goes it’s a massive ‘Fake News’ sketch. The only people that have devalued these iconic tournaments are the clubs.

The eye-watering payouts for sides via their ever-increasing variety of revenue streams in the 21st century is what has changed the landscape. Nothing else. THFC’s Broadcasting Revenue for the 2016/17 season was£219.0 million.

Monies for the Champions League are good to the point of being hypnotising.

The 32 clubs in the 2017/18 UEFA Champions League group stage are a guaranteed minimum fixed payment of €12.7m each, which is boosted by bonus payments of €1.5m per win and €500,000 per draw in the group stage.

The teams competing in the round of 16 will further increase their base payment by another €6m, with the quarter-finalists then picking up €6.5m apiece and the semi-finalists pocketing €7.5m each.

The Champions League winners themselves will receive €15.5m and the runners-up €11m. A club could therefore collect, at best, €57.2m, which does not include play-off allocations or market pool share.

If the Champions League cash acts like smelling salts then the FA cup cash is closer to the sulphurous stench of a stink bomb.

Quarter-Final winners (4) £360,000
Semi-Final winners (2) £900,000
Semi-Final losers (2) £450,000
Final runners-up (1) £900,000
Final winners (1) £1,800,000

Even the TV money doesn’t sugar the pill. It only serves to confirm who the poor fiscal relation is.

FA Cup – Round 1 £67,500 £33,750
FA Cup – Round 2 £72,000 £36,000
FA Cup – Round 3 £144,000 £72,000
FA Cup – Round 4 £144,000 £72,000
FA Cup – Round 5 £247,500 £123,750
FA Cup – Round 6 £247,500 £123,750

Spurs face Swansea City in Wales on Saturday. It’s a 12:15 kickoff and hopefully that won’t dent the Lilywhite’s better than decent away form. Spurs have won 60%, drawn 15% and lost 25% of their last 20 away games.

Swansea to their everlasting credit have shaken off relegation and are nestled into 14th in the Premier League. So for the Swans, the loose change down the back of football’s sofa will hold a greater allure.

Pochettino says that you don’t buy success you deserve it. Well with just one cup won inside the last 20 years I think we the fans deserve it. Oh, and not just because we’ve been paying for it.

It would be nice to see Spurs win a cup game and scent their territory whilst they go about it – for a change – opposed to stumbling through. It would be nice to see THFC lower themselves and indulge the supporters for once.

Saturday lunchtime can’t come soon enough for this dinosaur.

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