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Another Chicken Comes Home To Roost For Spurs

Will Team Crack Up Before The New Stadium Is Opened?

Harry Hotspur

Toby Alderweireld is a player that has been in the news on and off for at least the last six months, courtesy of a rather large question mark hanging above his head in respect of his contract.

The Belgian defender’s current deal was originally signed to run provisionally until 2019, with the club having an option to extend by a further year.

At this point it may prove helpful to reiterate (for the umpteenth time) that no break clause exists. There is no break clause. If you’re looking for a break clause, don’t come looking for one around here. THFC chairman Daniel Levy doesn’t use them, and the suggestion that Spurs would agree to a fixed amount clause is beyond naive.

It was my understanding that in early January, Toby and the Spurs boss Mauricio Pochettino sat down and agreed a way forward, an enhanced deal that would keep the 29 year-old at Tottenham safely into the autumn of his career.

Then at some point in mid-March, Alderweireld broke the news to Poch that he’d reviewed his position and in order to sign, his wages would need a significant boost. A boost that would be impossible given the current wage structure at the club. Spurs don’t pay market rate.

This deeply vexed Pochettino who had already assured Levy that everything was in place and agreed.

The next development was the Belgian national boss, Roberto Martinez alerting Toby that he would need to get some significant playing time under his belt if he expected to be guaranteed a World Cup berth. Belgium are currently priced at 11/1 to lift the trophy with 

A slow recovery from a hamstring injury had limited Alderweireld to just two fairly mediocre cup appearances for Spurs over a period of some 3 months or more.

Pochettino’s response to this was brief and to the point; he picked whom he wished to play and he played whomever was at their peak fitness levels, thanks very much.

Last summer Kyle Walker quit Spurs to join Manchester City. In return the boy received a bumper salary and inevitably it seems, a Premier League winner’s medal. The next man up for a taste of the same is Alderweireld.

It would be remiss not to mention Danny Rose here too. Rose – also represented by the same agent as – Walker managed to miss the ‘Opportunity Of A Lifetime Boat’ and then famously opened his heart to The Sun, explaining that he also wanted a pay rise and a clear crack at some silverware.

This leaves many of us staring intently at Levy and Pochettino and asking ‘what precisely was the plan again?’

You cannot build anything in football without player retention.

If matters continue on the present course, by the end this 2017/18 season, Tottenham Hotspur will have sold 75% of what was accredited the season before as the best back four in the league.

The burden of expectation has never been greater upon Spurs, who have spent an awfully long time positioning themselves for the big time, in terms of gradual league placing finishes, branding and so forth.

The pricing strategy for Haringey’s brave new world is a premium one aimed at the elite fan. Few are in any doubt that match-days at Spurs will be a 5 star experience. My only slight concern is who’ll actually be in the starting XI.

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